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Donations of the Chocolate Museum Zagreb

The Chocolate Museum Zagreb supports and carries out socially responsible projects and initiatives through its own activities and donations of tickets and financial resources. In collaboration with hospitals, schools, various associations, and clubs, we donate several hundred tickets each year and provide free guided tours for groups of visitors, aiming to support quality humanitarian, cultural, educational, health, scientific, and other projects and programs that contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life in the community.

Donations are awarded exclusively through the annual Call for Donations in Money and Tickets, which is announced every March. Legal entities (associations, institutions, organizations, etc.) that wish to submit projects for the upcoming year can participate in the call.

The call with all conditions is published at the link: in March, and the results are published at the same link in April. You can find the results of the 2024 call at this link:

Donations cannot be obtained outside the framework of the call.

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