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Group Visits

Looking for ideas for a group trip to Zagreb? Are you wondering what to do in Zagreb during your sightseeing tour? Do you want something cultural, an experience to remember, but also like to have fun? The Chocolate Museum Zagreb offers the option of a group visit with special conditions – entrance at a special price with a free guided tour in Croatian, English or German included.

The guided tour is tailored to the visitors (depending on age) and usually lasts about an hour.

A visit to the Chocolate Museum Zagreb is especially suitable for field trips and excursions for primary and secondary schools. Students can process insights regarding a variety of subjects in a fun way. They can learn about history (for example, how chocolate was made, what kind of chocolate was eaten in which historical period and which Croatian factories were the first to produce chocolate).

Or about biology (what is cauliflory, what does it have to do with the cocoa tree, what does its fruit look like and what does a cocoa bean taste like). Or about chemistry (what are the different types of chocolate and what do pharmacists have to do with the invention of the praline).

And of course about geography (where the first cocoa comes from, who produces the most cocoa beans, and who eats the most chocolate). Guided tours are available in Croatian, English and German, so the visit can even be related to language classes.

How do I arrange a group visit?

Group visits are for groups of 25 or more visitors. The price for adults with a group discount is 8.00 EUR (60.28 HRK) per person, and 5.50 EUR (41.44 HRK) for children. The ticket price includes a guided tour and tasting of nine types of chocolate. The guided tours can be in Croatian, English, and German. Visit usually last about an hour.

For group visits, please make an obligatory earlier reservation by e-mail in order to book the dates and ensure the guided tour.

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