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Days of Chocolate, Confectionary and Coffee in Zagreb 2022

At the end of February 2022, Zagreb had the opportunity to sweeten their lives. For four days, exhibitors from the world of chocolate, sweets and coffee from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Slovenia presented themselves at the popular Family mall in Jankomir. 

Organized by the Chocolate Museum Zagreb with the support of Barry Callebauta, more than 25,000 visitors bought, tasted and enjoyed the products of artisan and craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers, top specialty coffee roasters and original pastry chefs.



Exhibitors such as Taman Artisan Chocolates from Zagreb, Nadalina from Solin, Croatian Choco Concepta from Opatija, Medina kuća from Popovača, ChoCo slastice from Velika Gorica, Gamulin from Hvar, Slovenian LuciferBashka Chocolatier from Sarajevo, Istrian Čok-čok čokolada, the Cookie Factory, Bréza Ceramics, Chocovix, Stamevski, Torteria Macaron, Ribili (Hausbrandt & Callebaut), Biljarica, Costa Coffee, Alpeks Gastro, Al Kaprone, LavazzaBonBon Bar and Cukrček from Ljubljana, Hug & Punch, Steam Coffee and Italian iChoco ensured a unique offer of delicacies.

On display were top pralines, bean-to-bar chocolates, cakes, pastries, craft coffee, chocolate for professional confectioners and those who bake like them, handmade unique coffee cups, chocolate liqueurs…




But it wasn’t just an opportunity to taste delicacies. In addition to exclusive desserts and other pleasures, there was also a rich cultural and educational program. A special mini-exhibition from the Chocolate Museum Zagreb was set up and the academic sculptor Dr. Art. Petar Popijač carved the chocolate sculpture “Chocolate Kiss” from a massive block of half a ton of chocolate live in front of the visitors. Phytotherapist Maja Gašparić from Biljarica held a total of four presentation workshops titled “Making natural cosmetics with cocoa butter”, while Mirela Samirić from the Chocolate Museum Zagreb held as many as eight presentation workshops on “Handmade chocolate with sprinkles” and “Handmade pralines”. The head of the Chocolate Academy of Barry Callebauta from Belgrade, chef Remy Dellete, in a separate workshop for the professional audience only, presented innovations from the world of chocolate, such as “wholefruit” chocolate made 100% and exclusively from the cocoa pod (without sugar and other additives) and NXT, completely vegan chocolates. A special addition to the program was organized by the team from Taman Artisan Chocolates under the baton of certified chocolate taster Sanja Vladović, who held a tasting workshop on “Chocolate of controlled origin” for only twenty of the fastest die-hard chocolate enthusiasts.
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