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The Long Night of Museums ’24 – Museums and a New Audience

The Chocolate Museum Zagreb participated in 2024 in the Long Night of Museums again. All visitors were provided with a discount on the price of ticket while the last entry to the permanent exhibition was at 11:00 p.m.

In addition to the permanent exhibition of the Chocolate Museum Zagreb, visitors also had the opportunity to see a thematic, juried exhibition by members of the Ceramics, Porcelain and Glass Section of ULUPUH:

Exhibition Re/interpretation of Love

Love as a phenomenon is difficult to interpret or explain. Nevertheless, it is ubiquitous and each of us should be able to say something more about it. In the modern world, love is tried to be stripped down to mere pleasure, a refined and aestheticized idea of love, without the possibility of experiencing pain, rapture and real driving or creative power in that love. Such love remains an empty commodified version of itself. It is for this reason that this exhibition wants to reinterpret love and give it a new meaning.

13 works by members of the Ceramics, Glass, and Porcelain Section of ULUPUH were selected, each contributing to the theme of the exhibition.

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