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Wholefruit Chocolate Available in Croatia for the First Time – as Limited Edition

Meet WHOLEFRUIT dark chocolate, which we are the first to introduce to the Croatian market. This chocolate is made EXCLUSIVELY from the cacao fruit, without the addition of lecithin, vanilla, vegetable fats or added sugars. Thus, the chocolates 72.5% cacao parts are from cacao beans, while the remaining 27.5% is natural sugar extracted from cacao pulp. It is characterized by a fresh fruit flavor, so it carries aromas of fresh mango, citrus, passion fruit and cacao pulp to the palate.


It is classified as dark chocolate where, in addition to the proportion of cacao, it also belongs by its taste. And since even the “sugar” part is made from the cacao fruit (i.e. obtained from fruit pulp), WHOLEFRUIT chocolate can be said to be chocolate with 100% cacao content. It’s worth a try.


You can find our limited edition it in our chocolate boutique at Varšavska 5!

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