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TAMAN Artisan chocolates: Chocolate as it Should be…

The story of TAMAN Artisan chocolates is a tale of passion, innovation, and dedication to creating exceptional chocolates. Whether you are a chocolate lover or simply seeking a unique taste experience, TAMAN Artisan chocolates are sure to delight you.


The Unusual Beginnings of a Chocolate Brand


The internationally awarded TAMAN Artisan chocolates, which have changed the way we perceive and enjoy chocolate, are produced in the small, family-run Malo&Slatko manufactory in Zagreb. The TAMAN Artisan chocolates brand was founded by Stiv Kahlina, a professional chocolatier and chocolate maker, and Sanja Vladović, a certified chocolate taster. After more than 10 years of experience in various creative industries, they transferred their experience and passion from the world of music, theater, film, and design into the world of chocolate. TAMAN Artisan chocolates were born out of their desire to express their artisanal and philosophical vision through the world’s favorite treat. In chocolate, they saw an opportunity not only to create unique and delicious confections but also to share their passion for creativity with others.

Their journey with TAMAN Artisan chocolates began with a focus on innovative gourmet chocolates and pralines, combining unusual flavors and ingredients with precision and creativity. The result was a range of unique and delicious products that have won numerous international accolades. TAMAN gourmet chocolates, pralines, truffles, and other creations are carefully handcrafted and decorated to ensure complete control over the production process.



A Step into Bean-to-Bar


In 2020, they elevated their passion for chocolate to a higher level by introducing their own “bean to bar” chocolate production, using high-quality cocoa beans of controlled origin. This approach ensures that they control every step of the chocolate-making process to guarantee the highest quality and further develop their unique expression by focusing on discovering and highlighting the cocoa’s own “terroir.”


Dedication to Excellence and Originality, Crowned with International Awards


Their approach to chocolate making stands out in the domestic market, as they do not follow market trends but focus on their own vision and uncompromising dedication to excellence. Their products are crafted with precision, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, using traditional techniques combined with modern knowledge and expertise. They use only the finest ingredients, including high-quality cocoa beans, natural flavors, and essential oils. Their goal is to create the perfect balance between contrast, precision, and creativity. This dedication to quality and innovation has earned them as many as 39 international awards.


Spreading Knowledge and Skills as Part of the Mission


In addition to producing high-quality chocolates, TAMAN has initiated educational workshops and programs for professionals and the public with the aim of raising awareness about the quality of chocolate and cocoa in the domestic market.

Through their work, Stiv and Sanja aim to awaken curiosity and boldness in chocolate lovers. They encourage people to think differently about chocolate, to ask questions, and to try new flavors. They want to inspire consumers to be open to new experiences and to recognize the excellence that is present in every piece of chocolate. Their values are rooted in creativity, innovation, courage, and a commitment to excellence. They believe in an authentic, honest, and dedicated approach to their craft.

For those who embark on this journey with TAMAN Artisan chocolates, the reward is a unique and delicious experience that will change their expectations of what chocolate can be.


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