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Advent at the Chocolate Museum Zagreb 2022

The Chocolate Museum Zagreb was again the right place to start the Christmas fairy tale in the Zagreb Advent.


A Nostalgic Exhibition: “Collecting Cards and Albums – a Forgotten Hobby”.


What is so magical and attractive about collecting cards and why does this topic seem a bit nostalgic from today’s perspective?

The exhibition “Collecting Cards and Albums – a Forgotten Hobby” aimed answer these questions. As part of the exhibition, a large number of albums, cards and stickers from Croatia and other European countries in the period from the end of the 19th century to the present day were on display. Visitors had the opportunity to see colorful albums with different themes, reminisce about their youth and introduce younger generations to the phenomenon of collecting cards and stickers. The author of the exhibition was our curator Marko Španjol, and it was put into effect with the support of the Zagreb Tourist Board, the collector Igor Novaković and Kraš.





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