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Christmas Toys from the Chocolate Factory

Advent exhibition “Christmas Toys from the Chocolate Factory”

Toys and chocolate have a special place in the memories of Christmas. That is why the Chocolate Museum Zagreb displayed a special exhibition titled “Christmas Toys from the Chocolate Factory” curated by Marko Španjol from 01.12.2021 until 09.01.2022. Chocolate manufacturers around the world started combining toys with chocolates in the 19th century, making them remarkable gifts.

Hundred-year-old tin chocolate vending machines made by Stollwerck created for children in Germany. Or hand-painted lead figurines by the English producer Cadbury gifted to the youngest between the two world wars. Special editions of Kinder Surprises from the end of the 20th century with figurines for a nativity scene. Or American Hershey’s Christmas tree decorations. Vintage trading cards, from Guérin-Boutron and Benier du Mans to German Stollwerck – all of them were part of this unique exhibition.

Chocolate Toys from Croatia

Of course, a distinguished place was occupied by numerous items from Croatia. It is worth mentioning Kraš who has been creating various colorful Christmas tree decorations for decades. And Kandit, who gave away board games along with chocolates. And everyone will remember the train and the drawing stencils from Kraš Express. Croatian chocolate factories were skilled at making attractive festive packaging, which can be seen in the gallery of the Museum.

We thank Mr. Igor Novaković and Retroteka for contributing part of their collection to be displayed at the exhibition.

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