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The Chocolate Patrol is Back – in Cooperation with Ivo Andrić Elementary School

We are proud to announce the continuation of the story of the Chocolate Patrol, an innovative socially responsible action that inspires individuals to action and promotes the importance of environmental protection. A unique initiative of the Chocolate Museum Zagreb, this year in cooperation with the Ivo Andrić Elementary School now gets an additional dimension – the whole action is organised and led by children from the 8th grade as part of the Civic Education class.

The Chocolate Patrol began its mission three years ago, focusing on cleaning up neighborhood parks and promoting social responsibility awareness among kindergarten and school children. This year’s action has a special note because it was taken over by the 8th grade students of the Ivo Andrić Elementary School, who dedicated themselves to the organisation, coordination and implementation. This year, the Patrol gathered in Sopot in front of the Ivo Andrić Elementary School and cleant the green areas of the neighborhood around the school and in its vicinity.

This step represents an extremely important moment in the development of the Chocolate Patrol because it shows how children are actively involved in social initiatives and take responsibility for the preservation of their environment. The Civic Education class provided students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in promoting social values and caring for the environment. The Chocolate Patrol reminds us that every individual, regardless of age, can contribute to solving these challenges. Children from the 8th grade of Ivo Andrić Elementary School showed that they are ready to take on this role and inspire their peers to act.


The Chocolate Museum Zagreb and its partners invite all citizens, companies and organizations to support this inspiring initiative and provide support to the children who have become the driving force behind this project. The Chocolate Patrol reminds us that every step towards environmental cleanliness makes a difference and that there are no limits when it comes to caring for our planet. May it inspire us to action, motivate us to preserve nature and shape a better future for all of us.


The students collected more than 200 litres of waste which was disposed according to regulations.

The action was supported by the partners Manner and Dukat.

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