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The “History of Chocolate” Exhibition in the Old Town in Karlovac

From 12.10.2022 until 28.02.2023 the “History of Chocolate” exhibition is being held in the magical backdrop of ​​the Old Town of Dubovec, the castle just above Karlovac. The curator of the Chocolate Museum Zagreb, Marko Španjol, designed this unique itinerant exhibition of the Chocolate Museum Zagreb following the initiative of Marinko Pleskina, the pedagogue of the Karlovac City Museum.


From Cacao Beans to the Chocolate Praline


The rich history of chocolate spanning more than a thousand years, which extends from the rainforests of Central and South America, where the Indian peoples enjoyed the bitter drink, through the lavish European noble courts, all the way to today’s industrial production, is covered in Croatian and English. Along with entertaining and educational texts, numerous handpicked historical artefacts testifyinig to the time in which they were used are on display.


One of the Oldest Desserts in the World in the Oldest Monument in Karlovac


Visit the “History of Chocolate” exhibition in the Old Town of Dubovec and learn more about the sweet that marked our present day. Find out more information about opening hours, ticket prices and options for guidance on the pages of the Karlovac City Museum.

Photo credits: Denis Stošić, archive of the Karlovac City Museums.

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