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How to Store Chocolate in the Summer and Prevent it from Spoiling?

If you are a real chocolate lover and enjoy it regularly, you must have a hard time dealing with its consistency these days after opening it at room temperature. Well stored, regardless of the type of chocolate, it will snap when broken and will have a smooth shiny surface. High temperatures melt the chocolate, which results in the crystals in it becoming unstable, so after re-hardening, the chocolate no longer has a pleasant appearance, consistency, or taste.

What is the ideal temperature to store chocolate?

The ideal temperature at which chocolate should be stored is between 19ºC and 21ºC. Many people choose to store chocolate in the refrigerator in the summer, but this is not recommended for two reasons. First, chocolate easily absorbs odors from the environment, so in a few days it will smell like cheese or stew, which is on the shelf next to it. Second, the chocolate will absorb moisture in the refrigerator, which will result in “sugar blooms” on the surface. This will not affect the taste of the chocolate but will make it look less appealing due to the unsightly surface.

Where to store chocolate during the summer?

Store the chocolate in a dry and dark place, and if you are going to store it for a long time, wrap it in foil and put it in a bag with a zipper and squeeze all the air out of it to prevent oxidation and spoilage. Depending on the type of chocolate stored in this way, dark chocolate can last up to two years. Milk chocolate will last up to a year, and white chocolate about six months. Of course, if the chocolate has sprinkles or fillings (inclusions and/or infusions) then the shelf life will be shorter.

Does chocolate belong in the fridge?

If you can’t keep the temperature below 22ºC, then you still need to put it in the fridge to keep it edible. We recommend that you wrap it well with foil, as tight as possible to prevent condensation from penetrating. Then put it in a zipper bag and squeeze out the air. Store it in the fridge on the top shelf in the door because that’s where the temperature is the highest. Leave it at room temperature for about half an hour before consumption. If the chocolate is too cold, you will not be able to fully feel its aromas and your pleasure will be diminished.

Chocolate that does not melt?

For all those less attentive and patient we also have a solution, and that is thermostable chocolate. It contains less cocoa butter and does not melt in the oven. You can buy top-quality thermostable chocolate in our store at the Chocolate Museum Zagreb. Its price is 70 HRK for 500 g. However, we recommend enjoying classic chocolates because they offer us a wealth of flavors that are worth the effort.

Ružica Božić Cerovac, 11.08.2021


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